passionate, determined, and intense

Sunrulesleo Astrology Stellium

STELLIUM is a grupation of three or more planets in a horoscope and is certainly important and worth mentioning since it gives a unique and special signature to the whole chart. People with stelliums in their charts are focused on the particular area of life where the stellium is located and this is easily noticeable in their behavior. These people are passionate, determined, and intense.

If the stellium is composed of personal planets – Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, this is even more important, since it colors the whole life of the person and it is noticeable even in everyday life. Such groups of planets are personally charged and affect the feelings, communication, love life, emotions, and relationships during the whole life.

If the stellium contains distant planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, it gives an even heavier energy to the whole chart and the person’s life. People with such chart configurations are predetermined for important deeds, sometimes more than one really difficult period in their lives, and their lives are in a way burdened with karma. However, the purpose of stelliums containing distant and karmic planets is to teach the lessons during the whole life. So, if the person learns the lessons, life is not all that hard.

In any case, everyone, every person is meant to learn the lessons and not only the people with stelliums. Its just that these people have more intense experiences as the energy is more focused and they have a purpose that is highly karmic and unforgettable.

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