Detailed Natal Chart + Monthly Planetary Transits 2022

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Detailed Natal Chart reading + Monthly Planetary Transits


When you have obtained this Detailed Natal Chart + Monthly Planetary Transits astrology readings made exclusively for you, you will be able to:

  • choose the right profession
  • learn how to avoid challenges in your life
  • realize your full potential
  • finally feel that you are on the right life path

Monthly Planetary Transits

  • choose the right dates for any activity or project during the year
  • avoid potential challenges during the whole year
  • acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and use all of them to thrive
  • finally feel that you are on right life path


Detailed Natal Chart + Monthly Planetary Transits for 2022 Year ABOUT Two products at the price of 1 - Detailed Natal Chart + Monthly Planetary Transits. Birth or natal chart is the basis for all other astrology readings. Personal, detailed, and specific birth chart is based on the exact date, time, and place of birth. This chart reveals the most important events in the person’s life – past, present, and future. It is your soul’s map in this life and it reflects the moment of your birth to show you your life path. There aren’t two birth charts with completely the same positions of houses, planets in them, and aspects between those planets. Each one is unique, just as each person on our planet is. Only approximately once in 26,000 years a person with exactly the same position of planets is born.

The Monthly Planetary Transits astrology reading includes detailed personalized forecasts and predictions for the 3,6 and 9 months. Find out what awaits you in the new 2022 Year.

It explores the positions of planets during the 3,6 and 9 months and what they could bring you. The reading tells you what to expect during the year and outlines all important aspects and periods specifically for you: periods good for enjoying in your love life, periods for business opportunities, periods when you might expect some challenges, and other events that await you. It also includes advice on possible solutions to overcome any hardship and enjoy your life. Global yearly predictions are too general and usually can’t help you personally. With this personalized reading composed particularly for you, you can translate the new year into a Good year.


Natal Chart reading + Monthly Planetary Transits 2022 Year

With Natal Chart reading + Monthly Planetary Transits 2022 you'll be all set! By exploring the mutual influence of planets in your birth chart it is possible to see what you are able to achieve in this life. It is not enough to know that your Moon is in Virgo. Explore all the possibilities that might create a positive or a challenging road for you. Every chart contains deeper meaning and can tell an interesting story about your potential. Astrology is a language and it can help you reveal you true purpose.

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