Astrology Course for Beginners

60.00$ 57.00$

Learn how to read a natal chart and see hidden messages in the stars.

Learn how to read a natal chart – in terms of love, work and health

Learn the basic astrology concepts – beyond the daily horoscopes

Explore the meaning – of planets, houses and all astrology aspects.

Create your own astrology interpretations with knowledge from Astrology Course for Beginners.


 Introduction I History of astrology I Modern time astrology I Daily horoscopes

 Basics of zodiac signs I Zodiac signs based on elements I What are planets for

 Astrology houses and their function I Astrology aspects I Natal chart – love,health,work

 Advices for best use of astrology I Literature for future learning



What you will learn in Astrology course for Beginners
  •  What actually is astrology
  •  History of astrology
  •  Modern astrology and horoscope
  •  Zodiac signs and basic characteristics
  •  Zodiac signs based on date and elements
  •  Planets and their characteristics
  •  Astrological houses
  •  Astrology aspects – trine, square, conjunctions…
  •  Natal chart – creating and basics
  •  Natal chart – love
  •  Natal chart – health
  •  Natal chart – business
  •  What astrology can and can’t do
Who this course is for: • Anyone who wants to learn the astrology basics and to read his natal chart   After this course you are ready for Advanced Astrology Course


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