Advanced Astrology Course

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You know how to read a natal chart, how to intepret planets’ influence, and how to determine the basic personality traits. Now you are ready to know more. Find out how to interpret combinations of planets, aspects like trines, conjunctions, and squares and how to resolve the challenging aspects in your birth chart. You will be equiped with the knowledge needed to easily comprehend any aspect of your (or someone else’s) personality in the chart. You will discover your hidden talents and obtain an invaluable tool for everyday life.

Become an Advanced Astrologer

  • Find out how to understand the monthly Planetary Transits
  • Make the most of your trines
  • Learn how to solve the square challenge(s) in your natal chart
  • Explore the synastry reading – love compatibility
  • Understand the concept of Karma – with Saturn and North and South nodes
  • This is an ideal course if you want to dive deep in astrology and become master of it.


What you will learn in Advanced Astrology Course
  • Why first house is important
  • Ascendant and what it represents
  •  Moon importance
  • Venus and Love and how it is represented
  • Marriage indicators
  • Multiple marriages
  • Who is your ideal partner?
  • Our ancestors in natal chart
  • Work and career
  • What are good professions for us
  • Finances
  • Possible health problems
  • Karma – Saturn and North, South Nodes

Who this course is for:

  • Users who already poses basic knowledge of astrological principles and know how to read a natal chart
If you have not mastered the basics go to Astrology Course for Beginners


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