Meaning of The Astrological Houses

Every astrological house has a deep meaning 

To get to know yourself better, discover the meaning of every house


I House

First house in astrology is about your image, your body, version of you visible to other people. It’s about your expression in the world, physical appearance, and your everyday ‘mask’.  This house shows you in the spotlight, your outer characteristics, surface traits, the way other people see you. The sign on the cusp of this house describes how you filter your inner personality and abilities before you show them to the world. The image you create for others to see.

Ruling planet: Mars

II House

Second house is about values – both material and non-material. It is about the things you own and use, but also about money. This house shows your attitude towards money and earning, and the way you’re inclined to do so. Earnings and profits, and all other material property you possess during life. The purpose of this house is to provide grounding of your body (first house) in the material world. How easy the money comes to you? 

Ruling planet: Venus

III House

Third house is about communication – all types and kinds. It speaks about your surroundings, your neighbors, and your siblings. The relationship with all of them is also shown here. Books, reading, early education, and your attitude towards them. About your inclination towards beneficial or detrimental relationships with the people around you. It’s your small world, your inner circle. Short trips, commute, your environment 

Ruling planet: Mercury

IV House

Fourth house is about the beginning and end of life. It is about home, family, mother, and father. Where do you feel at home? How do you feel at home? This house shows your inner most feeling of belonging, the earliest childhood and the very end of your life. It describes what your home looks like and all other matters related to your home or the place you consider your home. Immovable property – real estate, gardens, and plots of land you own are also shown here. 

Ruling planet: Moon

V House

Fifth house is about art, beauty, and fun. It speaks about your inclinations toward having fun in life, enjoying, and spending time in places that provide such activities. Leisure time, going to restaurants, theater, and watching movies with your friends. This house shows your love life prior to marriage and serious long-term relationships. Period around high school is indicated, as well as love adventures during this time. Children are also shown here. 

Ruling Planet: Sun

VI House

Sixth house is about work and other things related to work. It shows the kind of work you do and how you do it. Your colleagues that started working after you and people who work for you are indicated by this house. Health and conditions related to it, hygiene, diet, and other related themes are shown. Relationship with the people at work and agreements and disagreements with them can be seen here. It also contains info on the line of work you are most inclined to do. 

Ruling planet: Mercury

VII House

Seventh house is a house of relationships – both business and romantic. Long-term relationships resulting in marriage as well as business partnerships. Partners you live with without marriage, but in a long-term relationship are also indicated here. People that are important in your life, that are in various ways a part of your life during a longer period of time. Open enemies are also shown here, as they tend to find their way into your life. 

Ruling Planet: Venus

VIII House

Eight house is called the house of death. So it describes the cause and manner of death, as well as the predisposition for a long and happy life. It is also about taxes, mortgages, and inheritance. Opposite the 2nd house, it makes the other end of the money and value axis. Matters related to partner’s money and all monetary issues regarding the property and values gained as a result of someone else’s death. Sexual relationships and inclinations. 

Ruling Planet: Pluto (Mars)

IX House

Ninth house rules matters related to religion, one’s belief system, ideals, and higher education. It shows what you believe in and how high you’re willing to strive. People related to higher education, religion, and travels. This house shows foreign lands and far distance travel. Long journeys to foreign lands and possible relocation abroad. Priests, foreign nationals, astrologers, and tourism workers are all indicated by this house. 

Ruling planet: Jupiter

X House

Tenth house or MC (Medium Coeli) represents the zenith - the highest point in one’s life. It rules all matters related to career – what type of career one is predisposed to strive for, how high is the person predisposed to get in life regarding the line of work he/she chooses. It rules bosses, CEOs, heads of state, and all other highly positioned people. Authorities at work, but also at home are indicated here, so your dominant parent is also ruled by this house. 

Ruling planet: Saturn

XI House

Eleventh house rules friendships, so it shows what kind of friends one is likely to meet during life, how many friends one is predisposed to have, as well as the relationship with friends through life. Humanitarian work one is inclined to do, communities related to various causes one is likely to belong to are also shown here. Goals, aims, and the like are also the themes this house deals with. Pension and retirement period. 

Ruling planet: Uranus (Saturn)

XII House

Twelfth house is called the house of secrets. All hidden things reside here. Hidden enemies, hidden fears, hidden agendas… Things other people do behind one’s back, secret relationships, secret love, and secret lust are all in here. All the things people do not want to admit to others and even to themselves. Travels to less known and less developed parts of the world, as well as people from these kinds of places are also indicated here. 

Ruling Planet: Neptune (Jupiter)

Precision in astrological predictions


3+ parameters for any prediction. To achieve precision in my predictions, I always use at least three systems and if all of them show a perfect match, I can be certain that the prediction is valid. It’s not enough to consider the position of one planet, e.g. Venus in the second house.


One parameter = guess, two parameters = high probability, three or more = certainty


Simple answers to your questions


I translate astrological concepts. I won’t tell you only that e.g. your Venus is in 9th house. You get a practical and thorough explanation of what that means and how to use this in a simple, practical, and the most beneficial way. The stars and planets provide the info and I provide a simple and useful translation of that info for your purposes.


Astrology senses - Moon in Cancer


Natural affinity for astrology – my natal Moon is in Cancer in the 3rd house, which is an extremely favorable sign of great sensitivity for astrology and predictions. This and other aspects involving Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Uranus enable me to deeply and precisely comprehend the language of the stars. 

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