Free guide to finding the perfect partner

Free guide to finding the perfect partner

Are you looking for a partner, a new partner, searching for the best match, match made in heaven, or just trying to figure out if your current relationship will work out and maybe one fine day lead to marriage? Even if you’re just trying to find out if your secret crush might be the love of your life or your next door neighbor may be your next surprise perfect match, here’s a real treat for you.

All you need is your ascendant sign.

So if you’re an

Aries ascendant – your best bet is artistic Libra. Libra will bring harmony to your much needed hectic everyday life and you will in return transfer your insatiable energy for action and procreation to someone who really needs it. So if that new guy in the local gym or that girl you meet in the bookstore is a Libra, go for it.

Taurus ascendant -  you need a sensual Scorpio. Scorpio will move you in more ways you ever imagined and bring your hidden passion to surface. Your food will suddenly be spicy but you won’t mind, since the passion between you two will be even spicier.

Gemini ascendant – you must look for a free Sagittarius. Sag will teach you how to connect your thoughts and lead you to deep understanding, until you can no longer avoid the serious subject – of setting your wedding date.

Cancer ascendant – try to find a soft side to a cold Capricorn. Capricorn really needs someone to pull out a soft, cute, funny side out of their apparently uninterested exterior. Try to do so with a home cooked meal and a richly set table. You should be good to go.

Leo ascendant – even though you’re totally sure you’re an amazing person and a total winner, an Aquarius might in all honesty tell you otherwise. And not because they do not like you, quite the opposite. It’s just that you will need to seduce them, and they’re so worth it.

Virgo ascendant – Pisces could be your perfect match. If the girl offering dance lessons or the guy that couldn’t stop talking about diving drew your attention, there is a good reason for that. Next time you meet them, try to fit into their picture, and you might just click together.

Libra ascendant – accept the offer of a persistent Aries. Your life needs action and, that’s just what an Aries will provide. Sometimes it might look like you two have nothing in common, but that’s just the first impression. If you manage to get past this, you’re all set.

Scorpio ascendant – go for a beautiful Taurus. The looks are not everything, so if you’re worried how it’s going to work out, don’t – just enjoy in all the pleasures you two can create together and time will show you that horoscopes are not just made up. It’ll all make sense.

Sagittarius ascendant – your perfect match is a chatty Gemini. Don’t worry if you’re still arguing about who talks more between you two, you know you have so many things to teach them. In the end, your honesty will win and they will have to admit that you are so totally perfect for them.

Capricorn ascendant – you need a compassionate Cancer. Cancer will turn your world upside down with all the emotional support on every step you take together and you’ll be totally unarmed and melt in their arms to eternity and back.

Aquarius ascendant – you should let that starry Leo come to you. You know you’re the smartest person in any room, but Leo might just outduel you with charm and glamour. Don’t be angry with yourself you fell for it so easily – you need that glorious energy to make you even smarter, in a way.

Pisces ascendant – go get some advice on just about anything from a Virgo, and you might just like it. Virgo will be your constant reminder that life is not all about feelings and that you need some structure in your pursuits, and this will in no time turn you into a totally balanced couple.

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