Why (not) believe in astrology?
Astrology is not just about predicting future. In fact, that is the least significant part of astrology, simply because future is not exactly determined.
Mercury retrograde
There are many ways the so-called Mercury retrograde may affect you. Here is a short guide on what to expect during Mercury retrograde by houses
Bitcoin Birth Chart
Let’s take a glimpse at the Bitcoin birth chart horoscope to see the fate and fortune of this famous cryptocurrency! For predictions, contact me via email
Full Moon in Leo
When the Moon is in Leo, it’s time we all rule our emotions.
Will an asteroid hit me?
They might influence your life in a much subtler way – through your birth chart or a current horoscope – transits, progressions, solar return etc.
Astrology signs and Food
What kind of food does each sign like? Libra to Pisces
Astrology signs and Food
What kind of food does each sign like? Aries to Virgo
Astrology and Christianity
There are many theories about the true date of birth of Jesus Christ. The truth is...
Are you afraid of Karma?
What is Karma? Fate, destiny, providence, fortune? All of that and more...
Discover your potential for action
Mars – the last not so distant personal planet denoting our potential for action. Red planet of passion for sport, hard work, assertion, initiative, and leadership.
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