Astrology charts reveal a lot about your potential future, your compatible persons, your health, the year ahead, your business, your preferred career, and so much more...    

Why choose Sun Rules Leo Astrology Services?

Precision in astrological predictions


3+ parameters for any prediction. To achieve precision in my predictions, I always use at least three systems and if all of them show a perfect match, I can be certain that the prediction is valid. It’s not enough to consider the position of one planet, e.g. Venus in the second house.


One parameter = guess, two parameters = high probability, three or more = certainty


Simple answers to your questions


I translate astrological concepts. I won’t tell you only that e.g. your Venus is in 9th house. You get a practical and thorough explanation of what that means and how to use this in a simple, practical, and the most beneficial way. The stars and planets provide the info and I provide a simple and useful translation of that info for your purposes.


Astrology senses - Moon in Cancer


Natural affinity for astrology – my natal Moon is in Cancer in the 3rd house, which is an extremely favorable sign of great sensitivity for astrology and predictions. This and other aspects involving Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Uranus enable me to deeply and precisely comprehend the language of the stars. 

HR – Employee Evaluation And Creation Of Project Teams

Astrology reveals deep personality traits which help in assigning the right people for particular project tasks.

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Upcoming important dates

Upcoming important dates based on astrology reading. Choose your Important dates wisely and let the stars bless you with love and success.

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Detailed Natal Chart reading + Monthly planetary Transits

 Want to know yourself?  Do you know your Astrological BIG THREE? Sun, Moon and Risign Sign form the BIG THREE that defines you.

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Love and Synastry astrology reading

Want to know what you and your partner have in common? Find out how to make your relationship work with synastry reading!

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Discover Your Talents

We all have talents. One way to Discover your Talents is to compare successful people natal charts with yours. 

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Medical Astrology Herbalism

Medical Astrology helps people resolve their health problems with herbal remedies based on their astrology natal and transit charts.

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Burning Question astrology

Have a pressing issue in your life? Get a straightforward answer!

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Personalized Astrology Services

These are HIGHLY PERSONALIZED products and services based on detailed calculations, several different predicting techniques, and combined with years of experience in consulting. You get one of a kind service available only here. The products and services are nothing like you’ve ever experienced – made exclusively for you with high dedication and attention to details. NO COMPUTER GENERATED TEXT.


NO AUTOMATED RESPONSES, pre-prepared generalized horoscopes based only on your sun sign.  All responses, services, and products advertised on this website are PROVIDED BY A HIGHLY SKILLED PROFESSIONAL devoted to helping people achieve their highest potential. The best astrology techniques available are used for specific and personalized analyses, answers, and advice.

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