13 reasons why Leo is the King of Zodiac

Leo is the ruling king of Zodiac, and here is why:

Leos are natural born leaders and live for the spotlight. They do so in such a natural and vibrant way as to provide benefits for all other signs. It is not easy to trick them into following others – they want to be followed. Their energy is great and they tend to assert themselves within any group. This is why Leo is the absolute King of Zodiac.

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  1. Zodiac is a jungle. Every jungle needs a ruler. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces need a representative to highlight their capabilities. Their positive traits and their inborn talents. No one is more apt for this role than Leo.
  2. Leo is a Fixed sign. Zodiac is divided into three types of signs by modality – Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Leo, being one of the fixed signs, is able to remain calm and collected in almost any situation. Above all, to be a king, one must possess this kind of quality.
  3. Rules the 5th house. 5th house is about children, fun, love affairs, and places where people enjoy. This perfectly describes a palace for a king, with large ballrooms where people enjoy and meet each other – where people go to see and be seen.
  4. The spotlight. Leos enjoy to be in the spotlight. And is there a better way to be in the spotlight than to rule? It’s not really important what. As long as they’re in the spotlight – they’re happy.
  5. The zodiac child. The parent is at the same time a child. Leos tend to stay vibrantly looking throughout their lives.
  6. Consider everyone their children. Kings consider the people they rule to be their children. So all other zodiac signs are their children – or so they behave at least.
  7. Sun is their ruling planet. All planets revolve around the Sun. Therefore, Leos believe all signs should revolve around them.
  8. Regulus star was in named so because it was in the sign of Leo (until recently). And Regulus means a “small king”.
  9. Leadership abilities. Out of all signs, Leos possess the best leadership and managerial capabilities. They lead the way for others and do so professionally. Leos are fantastic managers. They enjoy living that life.
  10. The looks. Leos have a way to show off. They prefer shiny clothes and bags. This helps them be viewed as the center of the (zodiac) universe.
  11. The roar. The way they communicate – they tend to get loud. This is a good characteristic for a ruler as they need to be heard by other people. Therefore, this comes naturally to Leos.
  12. Art. The sign of Leo (and the 5th house) also rules the art. Management and rulership are for them a kind of art. So they excel at it.
  13. Sports. The natural 5th house also rules all kinds of sports. So this is why Leos are often athletic and live long. These characteristics are also supreme for a good ruler.

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