Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign in Personal Horoscopes

Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in personal horoscopes play the most important part.

They are alpha and omega of the personal natal chart and should never be neglected. Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign in Personal horoscopes make the main axis of every chart, personal and other.

To determine the exact degree of one’s Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign (Ascendant), the exact time of birth is essential.

Sun moves about one degree in one day, so it stays about thirty days in each sign. Sun sign is what we take into account to determine one’s “Horoscope Sign”.

So, if you’re a Scorpio, that means the Sun was in Scorpio at the time when you were born. However, the Sun stays in Scorpio for about a month every year, so many people are born under the same sign. Also, it’s important to note exactly when the Sun entered and left a certain sign if a person was born on one of the days when the Sun changes signs. It might happen that your Sun Sign is not what you think is was.

Moon moves a lot quicker than the Sun.

It stays about two and a half days in each sign. Therefore, it’s really important to have the exact time of birth to get its right position. Since it often happens that the Moon changes signs during the day, your Moon sign might be different if you were born in the evening from someone born on the same day but in the morning.

Moon sign is often neglected, but should always be taken into account as it plays a really important and discriminatory role in personal natal charts. It further and in more details determines one’s personality and inner urges. Moon shows one’s mother and the relationship with her, one’s home and sense of security, and one’s feelings. By its position, people can find out a lot about their personality and even what is holding them back from achieving their true purpose. Why can’t you sleep at night? The position of the Moon and the aspects it makes may give you some clues.

Rising sign or the Ascendant is by far the most personal point of the three in everyone’s personal natal charts.

To get an exact degree of your Ascendant, you need an absolutely exact time of birth. The degree of the Ascendant sign changes every couple of minutes, so it’s of the utmost importance to have the exact minute of birth in order to determine the exact degree. The Ascendant sign gives a lot of information about physical appearance, but also about the outward behavior. Person’s openly expressed manners, person’s actions, and person’s doings. It represents a filter through which the Sun sign (ego) and the Moon sign (feelings) come out to the world for other people to see. Therefore, the appearance, the bearing, and the habits all come from this sign and degree. Planets, asteroids, or fixed stars conjunct this degree add a lot to the picture. All in all, this is the point in every person’s chart that gives the most information about the visible and expressible characteristics.

The combination of the three – Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and the Rising Sign (and their degree and aspects they make), makes every single horoscope unique and determines the role of the person in this world. Other planets, their positions, and the aspects they make give further details about all aspects of personality and possible events to be played out during people’s lives.

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