Bitcoin Solar Return Chart – year 2021

Bitcoin Solar Return Chart Year 2021: Bitcoin 11th birthday was on January 3. So I’ve made the Solar chart (solar return) and here are the main points from it.

The most important points in the Bitcoin Solar Return Chart Year 2021

Ascendant in Aries

Moon in Virgo over the second house

Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter over the 6th house

Neptune on the edge of the natal 9th house, conjunct the natal Uranus

Chiron conjunct natal Moon

Let’s have a look at the Solar Return chart for Bitcoin for 2021. Solar Return chart shows the picture of the Sky. The position of planets and other celestial bodies at the moment when the Sun is at the exactly the same position as it was at the time of birth. As the date of creation of Bitcoin was at the very beginning of January, this chart is valid for the whole current year (2021).

Ascendant, as the main point in every chart as to physical appearance, that is, the characteristics visible in the outer world, in this case shows the behavior of the currency. The behavior that is visible to people, which for a currency may be translated as value. Aries on the Ascendant, ruled by the Mars, denotes sudden extreme changes during this year. Mars is all about action. The red planet moves through the zodiac in a fearful way and in the sign of Aries it is in its element. So, constant sudden changes are to be expected. It may get out of control. Mars hates control, so it keeps trying to break it.

Moon is in Virgo, but over the second house. This, again, gives us some information about the value. Although Virgo belongs to the element of earth, which is generally stable, Moon over the second house symbolizes volatility of its value during the year.

Accentuated 11th house with 4 planets, and with 5 planets placed over the natal 6th house and both Jupiter and Saturn conjunct the natal Mercury show that this is an important year for “health” matters. Mercury, the trickster, is challenged by Saturn in a big way (Jupiter only making this more pronounced.). This is not to be taken literally, however. Health in this case may refer to stability, again possibly referring to issues related to its value.

So far we have three serious indications of extremely high fluctuations.

Neptune in the 12th house entering the natal 9th house and conjunct the natal Uranus (ruler of the natal 7th house – house of public) may denote a thin veil (or a fog (symbolically of course)) around publicly available info and throughout the world (9th house denotes foreign countries). Neptune is known for bringing confusion, unclear information, and deceit.

Lastly, Chiron is in the Bitcoin Solar Return Chart Year 2021 conjunct the natal Moon. As the ruler of the 12th natal house, it may easily denote high vulnerability, but behind the “closed door”. This means that behind all the growth and apparent strength of the currency and its value, there might be some structurally concerning issues. Those issues are kept secret (12th house) and we probably won’t have a chance to find out what they are. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t affect its value. As this is also happening in the 9th natal house, it may denote idealization. It may also refer to foreign countries.

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