Moon and Finances in Astrology

Moon and Finances in Astrology have a deep connection. Have you ever wondered why you don’t earn as much as you’d like to? Is there anything you could do about it on a personal level?

Your personal relationship with money is greatly affected by the placement of the Moon in your horoscope. Sign as well as the house the Moon was in at the time you were born accurately determine your feelings towards money. Feelings translate to behavior and your behavior during life is what brings money to you (or repels it away from you).

There are many theories about how you can attract money involving Feng Shui, affirmations, advanced manifesting, and so on… However, here is how placement of the Moon in your birth chart affects your finances and what you can do about it.

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Libra to Pisces

Moon in Libra is a true artist. This mainly comes to light in relationships, however. With Moon in Libra you approach everything with an artistic attitude. Your talent to persuade other people into lending you money is outstanding. When it comes to giving it back, it may become problematic… Therefore, the advice here is to resist the urge to spend the money that has not been earned yet. Just wait until it’s on your account. Redirect your artistic talent into attending free online gallery events, or maybe even offering free advice to your friends on what decoration to buy for their living room.

Moon in Scorpio is a powerful ally in matters of money. It may help you become seriously wealthy. As it’s always the case with good news, they often come along with the bad ones… So, do not overuse the power of this Moon as it might get back to you quickly – and this won’t be nice. Therefore, the advice here is to be moderate in everything you do regarding money. If it’s going well, if it keeps coming in, don’t invest into suspiciously looking funds. And always give back – donate for a cause you support or to a community you are a member of. Keep the flow.

Moon in Sagittarius brings a lot of volatility in matters of money. The volatility comes from the decisions you make, whether you’re aware of this fact or not. Your jovial personality makes you jump from one investment to another, so your money is constantly fluctuating. It’s not a rare occasion for you to run of it completely. What you should pay attention to is Income – expenditure difference. Keep a record. Look into it often. Make some adjustments. Often. This is the only way for you to realize why you sometimes don’t even have enough to pay the bills.

Moon in Capricorn is a serious companion. Sometimes maybe too serious… It makes you hide your feelings and take everything for granted. Have in mind that not all people will do what they say. This is a fact of life. You always have a lot of money on your savings account, maybe even too much of it. You build your career steadily and are all about business at all times. Therefore, the main advice for you is to take a day off from work every month and treat yourself with self-love. Go to a nice restaurant, visit a local attraction, or just go for a really nice dessert to a local patisserie. The money you spend will come back.

Moon in Aquarius gives an interesting picture on Moon and Finances in Astrology. It is constantly in the clouds, high up and moving really fast. It makes you change your feelings often, but not without thinking. Your feelings are always based on deep consideration. It’s just that you keep moving forward in life and they always keep up with your pace in other things. You are not obsessed with money. Your goal is always to understand other people and help them. Help the community and give back to it. So, the advice for you is to open up a savings account. Keep your money where it’ll be safe. It’s a nice gesture you keep donating for various causes, but make sure you also donate for your own future.

Moon in Pisces is the last one to be mentioned, but no less important when it comes to matters of Moon and Finances in Astrology. Moon feels almost at home in Pisces. (Almost) everywhere. Feeling are of the utmost importance here. Emotional spending is a habit with this position. When you are sad, you go shopping. If you are happy, you order some food. In the event you feel unsecure, your buy new clothes… However, your feelings are what keeps you going every day. So, the main advice for you is: before you buy something – think about it for a while. Wait. Also, try to think a bit deeper whether you really need it or whether you’re trying to make yourself feel better. There are other ways to improve your mood than shopping – try going for a walk in nature or invite friends over.

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