Moon and Finances in Astrology

Moon and Finances in Astrology have a deep connection. Have you ever wondered why you don’t earn as much as you’d like to? Is there anything you could do about it on a personal level? Do Moon and Finances go together in Astrology?

Your personal relationship with money is greatly affected by the placement of the Moon in your horoscope. Sign as well as the house the Moon was in at the time you were born accurately determine your feelings towards money. Feelings translate to behavior and your behavior during life is what brings money to you (or repels it away from you).

There are many theories about how you can attract money involving Feng Shui, affirmations, advanced manifesting, and so on… However, here is how placement of the Moon in your birth chart affects your finances and what you can do about it. Moon and Finances in Astrology share an important relationship.

If you’re unsure where the Moon is in your natal chart, you can easily find out by entering your birth data at

Aries to Virgo

Moon in Aries always makes you eager to start a new project, move to a new house, meet new people. However, soon enough this energy dissipates and you are left drained. Your feelings are fiery but short-term. This translates to your relationship with money – you tend to spend it all at once. For you, it would be helpful to calm your energy and save some money out of every payment you receive. This would easily create a surplus and add up to a nice savings account for rainy days.

Moon in Taurus acts as a money magnet. Money keeps coming from many sides. Sometimes slowly, but it surely gets to your account. However, you are slow to spend it. This slows down the energy (money is a form of energy) and can bring delays in further inflow of money. Advice for you is to sometimes spend the money even when it’s not absolutely necessary. Buy something even if you’re unsure if it’s the cheapest possible option at the moment. This will create the flow and money will keep coming to you (again).

Moon in Gemini makes you fickle with money. Sometimes you spend it all at once, and sometimes you keep it on your account for too long. This creates an unbalanced energy and the money comes to you in the same way – unpredictable. Advice for you is to open a savings account, put a certain amount on it and keep it. As for the rest of the money you own, keep spending it as you please. This will restore balance and the inflow to your account will be more regular. You might even be surprised to find out about a new source of income.

Moon in Cancer evokes strong feelings towards family, friends, and money. Your need for money is great and you’re ready to work hard for it. However, if you’re unhappy with the way people treat you at work, you tend to get extremely emotional. That can repel the money away from you. Advice for you is to keep your emotions in check at work. At home it’s ok to be emotional, but do not show your emotions at work. This will create a healthy money energy and bring more money your way. Money and emotions just do not get along, so always keep this in mind.

Moon in Leo likes attention. Attracting people who admire you is what you do all day long. However, with money it’s not that simple. You tend to be disappointed when money doesn’t just flow to you as you look beautiful and behave like you own the place (wherever you show up). Money energy works in mysterious ways. Advice for you when it comes to money is to put in extra effort at work. It’s not enough just to show up and look gorgeous. You need to work hard for it. Accept that fact and you’ll become best friends with the money.

Moon in Virgo brings grounding and a deep connection to finances. With this position you probably work at a bank or as a financial advisor. You are careful how you spend it, sometimes even too careful… Advice for you is not to put all the extra money you earn to your savings account. Spend some of it on yourself. Buy some shiny new clothes (even if you don’t feel like it). This will move the money energy in a beneficial way and you will start earning even more. So, don’t worry, your savings account will continue to grow.

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