Timing is everything! Timing in Astrology…

Timing in Astrology

In Astrology, timing is everything! Ever wondered why some people get lucky all the time? They have a perfect spouse, a perfect job, perfect friends, and even their children are well behaved, fun, and successful… It's just that they're always there at the right moment to pick up all the blessings and benefits the Universe pours down to Earth…

This might be because they are IN THE FLOW!

THE FLOW, otherwise known as the perfect condition, is a place where one is completely in the moment, able to hear the inner voice and even strike up a conversation with that voice. It’s a state of complete mindfulness and presence in the moment.

Most people just go about their life doing what’s been told to them, performing the tasks they (believe) they have to, going to work every day, respecting the same routine over and over again. While doing that, they fail to listen to themselves, to stop and think whether what they’re doing is good for them, whether they are happy, satisfied, loved, and whether they love themselves.

And then one day, they WAKE UP and realize they are NOT HAPPY. So they try to resolve this with psychotherapy, by changing jobs, getting a divorce etc. While this might help for a short while, it’s just not enough. The SOLUTION is to go back to your true self. To TALK to YOURSELF. To LISTEN to YOURSELF. Not run away from yourself, your problems, your life.

There are many ways to accomplish this.





However, astrology can also help. A professional astrologer may pinpoint your pain areas and recommend the safest, the quickest, and the most appropriate solutions for you. Your Natal and Transit charts reveal all your hidden problems and all your hidden desires. By acknowledging them you can start living your true purpose and a happy and fulfilled life. And by finding and living your true purpose you will get into the FLOW.

It doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll still need to work a lot. You need to invest time in getting to know yourself and learn to love yourself, with all of your “flaws”. Accept that all of your “flaws” are actually your stepping stones to personal development. But it’ll be worth it. Soon enough you’ll experience the benefits and confirm that you are on the right path.

There are many types of astrology readings. A natal chart reading, a solar return chart reading (for a specific year, starting from your birthday), specific readings focusing on your career, love life, health etc. If you are bothered with a specific problem at a particular time in your life, you may describe your current situation in detail and ask for advice on what actions would be beneficial for you regarding that specific problem at a given time. In case you need help in deciding on something, astrology can, again, help.

When you decide to set out on a path of deep work on yourself, your personality, and resolving your deep, you can also regularly receive your readings that will help you make constant exponential progress.

For additional personalized services, feel free to contact Sun Rules Leo at admin@sunrulesleo.com.

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