Mercury retrograde

Guide by houses

There are many ways the so-called Mercury retrograde may affect you. You might get stuck in traffic on your way to work, miss a bus, a train, misunderstand a clause in a contract etc. Like other planets in astrology, Mercury has its common symbolism. Usually it symbolizes siblings, neighborhood, short travels, commute, your elementary education, reading, writing, etc. There is so much more to it, though. It rules the third and the sixth house in a natural horoscope. That is a perfect and, therefore, non-existing horoscope. It’s certainly usually not personally relevant since it’s general. That’s why it’s really important what it actually rules in your natal chart.

You can easily check this by creating a free chart at Free Birth chart » Sun Rules Leo. Find the Gemini and Virgo symbols (♊ and ♍) and you’ll see which of the houses in your chart start with these two signs.

So here is a short guide on what to expect during Mercury retrograde by houses:

If Mercury rules your first house, watch your head! You might hit your head while entering a bus, accidentally hit a door, or someone might poke you with their umbrella on a rainy day. Sudden headaches are also a strong possibility during these days.

If Mercury rules your second house, count your money three times before you pay for anything. Unexpected expenses are likely to happen for you during this transit, and it also might happen that you forget to pay for something and get into a small trouble over it.

If Mercury rules your third house, avoid signing any contracts during this period. If it is impossible to avoid this, read everything at least three times, or, better yet, ask somebody to check everything for you. Stick with reading for a couple of weeks. And don’t go on any trips.

If Mercury rules your fourth house, expect water leakage in your home. Check all your water pipes and clean the basement. It’s not a bad idea to get social during this period. Invite friends over and party. However, be careful who you’ll invite.

If Mercury rules your fifth house, this’ll not be such a fun period for you. Parties might get cancelled, you might have to work late hours and miss a party, or find out that there is one and you’re not invited… Sad songs might appeal to you.

If Mercury rules your sixth house, expect additional burden at work. Your colleague might get down with a flu and leave all of the work to you, you might need to do something twice, or may discover you’ve accidentally sent the same email twice (and to a wrong client).

If Mercury rules your seventh house, your partnerships will be affected. Not only romantic, but business too. Be extra careful not to break the relationships during this period. Its best to avoid all arguments for a couple of weeks.

If Mercury rules your eighth house, taxes, loans, and mortgages will be on your mind for a while. You may also receive news of unexpected inheritance. However, nothing’ll be simple. Check all the email you receive at least twice.

If Mercury rules your ninth house, don’t book any flight just yet. Wait for at least 3 weeks. Your already booked flights might get cancelled. Your teacher might postpone the announced test and your astrologer might need to reschedule that consultation you’ve just scheduled.

If Mercury rules your tenth house, your career will be on hold. Only for a short while, tough, so don’t worry. This brings minor challenges and delays which get miraculously resolved as soon as Mercury speeds up again.

If Mercury rules your eleventh house, avoid socializing while this transit lasts. Your friends might also avoid you, or you might discover they’ve been talking about you behind your back. It’s best not to mention this to anyone, just leave it.

If Mercury rules your twelfth house, dark secrets might come to light. Depending on other transits to your chart, these might be shocking. However, there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. Acceptance is key here.

Mercury retrograde dates in 2021:

January 30 – February 21

May 30 – June 23

September 27 – October 28

The dates may vary slightly depending on your time zone.

Also, days just before the Mercury slows down and after it finishes its retrograde movement may also be under the influence of this movement.

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