Full Moon in Leo

Let's talk about Leo!

Leo is the fifth sign, but Leos consider themselves the Kings of the Zodiac (animal circle). And, in a way they are. The jungle of zodiac needs a ruler, and Leo just might be the one. Their ruling planet is the Sun, around which all planets in the Solar system revolve. Sun gives us daylight, brings good mood, and is at the center of our known world. No wonder Leos think they are the center of everyone’s world!

However, the Sun may also give us sunburns, heat rash, and can be blinding if is shines to bright. So be careful!

The zodiac sign of Leo rules (among other things) the heart and matters of the heart. And when the Moon is in Leo, it’s time we all rule our emotions. Leos do not let the emotions get in the way of anything in their lives, but this does not mean they are not emotional – quite the opposite. Their emotions are deep, joyous, ecstatic, and by all means honest. It’s just that they mostly cherish the emotions towards themselves. But if they do let you inside their circle of trust and show you appreciation, you can be sure it’s honest. Leos do not fool anyone.

Regardless of where the Moon is positioned in your natal chart, what sign and house, this full Moon in Leo is an opportunity to own your emotions. So, show them! Don’t be shy! Look up to your Leo friends. The expression Lionheart was not coined by chance, there is a reason for it. Look deep down into your hearts, find your Lionheart ability and show it! Now is your chance to shine and for at least two days be the King or the Queen. Let the World know you are there and appreciate your friends and family. Show them love and respect. Honor your community. Rule your own Jungle.

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  1. The points where Sun and Moon conjunct and oppose each other!

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