Bitcoin Birth Chart

Using the available info on the date and time of the release of Bitcoin, there are many conclusions to be made and even the predictions about the future of this currency. Let’s take a glimpse at the Bitcoin birth chart horoscope to see the fate and fortune of this famous cryptocurrency!

Bitcoin birth chart

“Birth date” of Bitcoin falls at the beginning of January which, symbolically, tells us that it represents something completely new – the beginning of a new year – a new era. It leads us into the new era of cryptocurrencies. This pioneer of the new age currencies based completely online, without the need for banks, printed banknotes, completely unattached to the existing currency systems is the crowned king of all cryptocurrencies up to date.

This is symbolized by its ascendant sign – Leo. Leo is the king of the jungle, and in the current jungle of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is definitely the crowned ruler. Its position and its value are unmatched so far by its competitors. It’s all over the news, all over the financial forums, the whole world knows about it!

Sun Sign

Bitcoin’s sun sign – Capricorn – shows that it is a serious business opportunity for many. And anyone can see this – there are many serious businessmen who have already made a fortune out of trading with this cryptocurrency. With Saturn in this sign over the next two years (and a bit more), we can only see it getting more serious every day. Saturn rules structure, career opportunities, and business. The zenith of the natural horoscope is in the sign of Capricorn, and with Sun in this sign, it’s impossible not to be prominent. The prominence of bitcoin, therefore, stems from its Sun in Capricorn. The Sun rules its first house – bringing it always into focus. So, Bitcoin was ‘coined’ to be famous and successful.

New Age

As we have officially entered the New Age on all fronts, the Age of Aquarius, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will only continue to thrive. People should use them in a new age, so this is only natural. With the recent events in the world, it’s easy to conclude that the future will only bring more of them. Uranus, which denotes the New Age and new types of currencies is in the sign of Taurus. As this sign denotes finances, we can expect to see cryptocurrencies innovating the field of finances on all fronts.

The all-pervading feeling of uselessness concerning the banknotes is here to stay. We are all aware that the banks as they are now structured. The money in paper form are slowly dying. This is the natural course of events and it’s better to accept it. As one of the eternal laws (the Hermetic principles) says: All things rise and fall. This is the eternal law of Rhythm. It is useless to fight it.

Other significant points in the Bitcoin birth chart horoscope include:

  • Mercury in Aquarius
  • Moon in Aries
  • Venus in Pisces
  • Mars in Capricorn
  • Pluto in Capricorn

Mercury in Aquarius is exalted, giving the strong possibility of prominence, rising, and achieving high values. We can see this already manifesting in the previous months. This position is extremely beneficial as it symbolizes great heights. It also symbolizes networks – which is characteristic for cryptocurrencies and the new Aquarian age.

Moon in Aries gives it the possibility, strength, and determination to change the world for the better. It symbolizes a warrior trying to make the world a better place. This is fiery energy and is just what a currency needs to keep its value. Innovation, revolution, and transformation are only some of the other symbolic meanings of this Moon.

Mars in Capricorn symbolizes strength, wealth, power, and success. It brings strength when facing adversities, wealth of opportunities, and power to rise and succeed in all circumstances. It also symbolizes endurance and perseverance. This is an earthy energy and it brings stability in all efforts when trying to reach the top.

Venus in Pisces is also a very good position for this planet. As it symbolizes finances, being in one of the financial fields in the chart, it gives a great potential for a currency. Pisces is a sign of deep water, mutable and changeable, so this Venus brings a solid potential for remaining afloat in the ocean of trading with any changes in the world marketplace.

Pluto had just entered Capricorn before the bitcoin was released, and this also adds to the energy of newness, new age, and new structures. Pluto is still in Capricorn to date, and will be there for several more years. This means that bitcoin is stable in its volatility and that its very powerful – Pluto symbolizes immense power.

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