Will an asteroid hit me?

After watching many sci-fi and straight up horror movies, I couldn’t help but notice that people are really obsessed with asteroids. The greatest fear is always being hit by one, or one ending up in your back yard. The next thing is an alien invasion following it.

So I decided to decode at least a bit about asteroids.

Yes, they are out there, in space. And there are really a lot of them. They move in great speed and often change their trajectory. Is there a high probability of one hitting you physically? No.

However, they might influence your life in a much subtler way – through your birth chart or a current horoscope – transits, progressions, solar return etc.

Asteroids in astrology are a kind of new, since they are smaller than planets, so they weren’t visible with old telescopes. There is a huge amount of them in the solar system, so it was not easy to determine their influence on the planets. They move and connect with the planets and in that way impact our lives.

We are always under the influence of forces beyond our physical bodies. When we are born, the positions of the planets in the solar system determines our fate during this lifetime. This image remains our guiding light during our whole life (our natal chart). It shows all of our important events – good and seemingly bad. I say seemingly because you should always have in mind that bad things happen to you when you need to learn something and when you have turned off the right course in life. Their purpose is to lead you back to your true path.

Planets in our horoscope charts show the main potential in our lives. By interacting with asteroids, they also get influenced and we get further and more profound messages for our life – past, present, and future. Asteroids add meaning to the basic elements shown by planets. They charge them with subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) energies and lead us on the way of discovering our hidden talents, no so visible personality traits, and strengths we didn’t even know we had.

I often hear people saying after reading the general characteristics of their sun sign (Sagittarius, Capricorn, and so on) that it’s not true for them. They do not find themselves in the description provided by those signs they were born under. (And that’s usually when they stop believing in astrology L.)

The clue just might be in the asteroids. Asteroids might give you’re a more accurate description of your personality. But you won’t find that in the newspaper. You need a professional astrologer to make a personalized chart for you in order to find out the positions of asteroids in your birth chart, and at the moment (and for a future date of your interest).

So, to all those people who (think) they do not believe in astrology, this is my advice – look for a professional astrologer, preferably an astrologer who likes watching horror movies. And ask about asteroids – you might just be surprised at how much they hit you every day, without you even knowing about it (yet)!

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