Astrology signs and Food

Aries to Virgo

What kind of food does each sign like?

You have a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend you really like, and would like to make a nice dinner for them, but you’re just not sure what to make and are afraid to ask. Or maybe you want to surprise them, or they said “Whatever, anything will be just fine”, but you really want them to like it. This might be helpful.

Aries is a fiery sign, so make sure you make something spicy! Whether it’s spicy chicken wings, Asian style soup, or a chocolate cake with just a dash of chili pepper, the food you make for your Aries guest needs to have some character.  Other ideas might include spicy casserole, hot salad with a mixture of Oriental spices, or lava cake with a surprise inside.

Taurus is a real food lover, so take time to make something truly tasty. Since their number one priority is to enjoy in life, eating really good food is a must! Make sure it’s something creamy like chicken in a creamy sauce, some creamy parmesan casserole, or a mushroom ragout with creamy polenta. If you’re offering them something sweet, it better be a real, soft cake with a lot of cream.

Gemini is a dual sign, they change their mind a lot, so your best bet is to even be prepared they might not show up. Don’t bother with complicated recipes, just stock your fridge like you would normally do, offer them a lot of different store-bought snacks with some white wine and be prepared to chit-chat all night on various subjects.

Cancer is all about homemade food and feelings. It’s not so much about what you’ll make for them as it is to make it with love. Make something you really enjoy preparing and add a lot of love to it in the process. They’ll notice the difference. Serve it in a colorful dish, make the atmosphere welcoming, and when they arrive give them a big hug.

Leos really like it when it’s all about them. It’s important to clearly and officially invite them and serve them like they’re kings. So it would be nice of you to make some food fit for kings, with a taste of luxury, like king prawns, Princess cake, or a sun-shaped dream pie. As for drinks, you better get some champagne and serve it in gold-plated glasses or they’ll be disappointed.

Virgo is a fan of structure and healthy food.  First of all, you need to let them know about the exact time the dinner will be ready and then go to the healthy food department of your preferred supermarket. Or just order various food from the local vegan restaurant, but do it at least a couple of hours before they arrive so it wouldn’t arrive after them – they will definitely be at your place on time.

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