Are you afraid of Karma?

Karma – the very word sounds a kind of eerie and scary… But what does it really mean?

In astrology, Karma is usually associated with Saturn and North and South Nodes (in Eastern tradition also called Rahu and Ketu). Saturn is often referred to as a malefic (bad) planet and Ketu (not a planet at all) as a bringer of unhappy events in life. Rahu (also not a planet) is also connected to karma, but in a seemingly less harmful way. It brings you closer to your true purpose in life.

Rahu and Ketu are actually the points where Sun and Moon conjunct and oppose each other at the time of eclipses. Therefore, the Sun and the Moon are also involved here. Nothing is ever simple…

So what is Karma? Fate, destiny, providence, fortune? All of that and more.

Karma is always about action. It’s about everything you do. All positive and negative things you perform during your lifetime. Not only during the so called “important” events in your life, but all everyday things you do, and even only think about.  So, everything you do, comes back to you. Not only what other people see, and not only what is recorded.

Saturn gives you back what you give to other people. So, if you’ve been honest, hard-working, kind, fair, and forgiving, what you get is of the same quality. And if not, well… It may seem unfair at the time when it’s happening, and it may come from the people you’ve done nothing wrong to, but it will come back to you. Karma works in mysterious ways. It is higher justice.

As for Rahu and Ketu (North and South Nodes), their influence if a bit less noticeable than Saturn’s. They move pretty slow. They also move backwards almost all the time, therefore bringing you back what you sent. Their influence is pretty subtle, but if you’ve strayed too far away from your true purpose, you will notice it. Their purpose is to bring you back to it. The way they do it may also vary. Usually when the South Node is involved, and if you’ve been repeating the same mistakes over and over, you will face some kind of disappointment. But this is only for you to realize where you’ve been making mistakes. This will bring you to the North Node influence – your true purpose in life, and everything will be clear to you.

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