Discover your potential for action

Discover your potential for action

Where is Mars in your natal chart?

Mars – the last not so distant personal planet denoting our potential for action. Red planet of passion for sport, hard work, assertion, initiative, and leadership. Mars in your natal chart represents so much more than just a male person in your life.

Mars in the 1st house shows great potential for action, gives a dynamic personality, and makes a person lead an adventurous life.  If gives strength in fighting with everyday challenges, overcoming small and not so small obstacles, and creating opportunities for growth. This is an indicator of a passionate person that approaches life head on.

Mars in the 2nd house indicates potential to fight your way through murky waters of finances. It gives you knowledge and equips you with all you need to provide financial resources and other material goods for yourself and your family. You may be presented with more obstacles than other people, but overcoming them will become your specialty and you may even grow to like the process.

Mars in the 3rd house makes your family life dynamic. It may be that you like to assert your point during the family gatherings, lead your siblings on crazy adventures in childhood, or be the organizer of family trips. Whichever way it turns out, you will most probably find yourself leading the way for your family members and maybe even being the president of the neighbourhood community.

Mars in the 4th house will make you leave your family house early, and find your own way. You may find yourself building your own house in another land or maybe competing with many people over buying that plot of land you got your eyes on. Whichever way it turns out for you, you will be completely ready to turn the situation to your advantage.

Mars in the 5th house gives you potential for initiative in your love life. You are not afraid to approach the person you like, ask them out, and no matter whether you are male or female – you will be the one to mention the marriage and maybe even organize the ceremony. You like parties, fun weekend activities, and maybe even enjoy organizing them for the whole community.

Mars in the 6th house provides you with a great potential for work. Hard work is something you are used to and your way to assert and prove your worth to your co-workers and/or employers/employees. Working overtime is never a problem if it will provide you with additional benefits at work. And if you have any health issues, with Mars in this house you are more than ready to face them head on.

Mars in the 7th house denotes dynamic marriage(s) and/or other partnerships (business, community, and any other). It makes you want to lead the way and be the leader in any relationship and always do so in a clear, honest, and transparent way. This is the Mars position of unequal marriages, where you are the person who shows all the initiative, while the other person may be inclined just to follow you.

Mars in the 8th house may lead you to situations where you’ll need to prove your right to inheritance, whether it is from your (business or marriage) partner or your family. You may feel inclined to prove your rights even if there is no specific need to do so. However, you will be more than successful in exercising your rights if need be.

Mars in the 9th house makes all your travels adventurous and dynamic. With Mars in this house, you’ll never be bored during your visits to foreign countries. You may feel inclined to assert your point of view to other nationals and/or believers of religions other than yours. This may be just what inspires you to become a leader or a travel organizer, maybe even a priest.

Mars in the 10th house gives true fighters in the field of career. These are leaders who do not find it difficult to fight their way up any corporate ladder. In fact, it feels only natural to them. And anyone who finds themselves in their way will only have to admit defeat. This position denotes that you might need to show your worth to progress at work more than other people. However, you’ll enjoy in doing so.

Mars in the 11th house marks your place in the society. It may indicate wrong choice of friends or groups you select to belong during your lifetime. It may also denote that some of the people you considered friends turn out the opposite of such. However, you might just be the reason for all this and also always be equipped with what you need to make everything right.

Mars in the 12th house brings many hidden fights in your life. You may be inclined to keep to yourself if you are facing issues concerning your health or family life. This position will make you want to fight your battles alone and out of sight of other people. It may also make you a very good observer of other people’s issues and equip you with means to help them.


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