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Detailed Natal Chart reading + Monthly planetary Transits

Want to know yourself?  Do you know your Astrological BIG THREE? Sun, Moon and Risign Sign form the BIG THREE that defines you.

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Medical Astrology Herbalism

Medical Astrology helps people resolve their health problems with herbal remedies based on their astrology natal and transit charts.

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Love and Synastry astrology reading

Want to know what you and your partner have in common? Find out how to make your relationship work with synastry reading!

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HR – employee evaluation and creation of project teams

 Astrology reveals deep personality traits which help in assigning the right people for particular project tasks.

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Astrology Courses

Astrology Course for Beginners

Learn how to read a natal chart and see hidden messages in the stars.Enjoy life more with practical knowledge that all successful people use.
5 lessons – pdf, 1 audio file

Advanced Astrology Course

Find out how to interpret combinations of planets, aspects like trines, conjunctions, and squares and how to resolve the challenging aspects in your birth chart.

10 lessons – pdf, 2 audio files

Astrology reading

Detailed Astrology readings will give you great POWER to cope with difficulties in life

The Big Three

Do you know your Astrological BIG THREE? Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign form the BIG THREE that defines you.

YOUR SUN SIGN – the position of Sun in your natal chart represents your deepest character. 

YOUR MOON SIGN – the Moon sign represents your emotions. It shows your emotional response to events around you.

YOUR RISING SUN – the Rising sign or Ascendant represents the way you behave in public.


Should you avoid making major decisions in life during retrogrades? Or is this auspicious for you? 

For some people (depending on their natal chart) this is inauspicious, but for you this is a beneficial period for the issues related to the planet.

Love reading

 Serious relationship with many sweet moments might become a reality for you with the love and compatibility reading.

Free Guide To Finding The Perfect Partner

You are at a crossroads in life?

Sometimes in life we find ourselves at a crossroads and aren’t sure what direction to follow and what decision to make. A Burning question comes up in everyone’s life from time to time. It’s completely normal to be unsure about the next step in life. 

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