Natal chart readings

Natal chart readings with detailed and easy to comprehend interpretations with use of astrology & tarot.

Detailed Natal Chart Reading + Bonus 2022 Horoscope + TAROT

Find out what awaits you in the new year 2022. Find love, avoid challenges, achieve spiritual growth. Get a PERSONAL detailed forecast.

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Yes No Tarot reading

If you are in doubt and need YES/NO answer to decide. Ask spiritual guidance from Tarot.

Tarot guidance
Love compatibility astrology reading

Want to know what you and your partner have in common? Find out how to make your relationship work with synastry reading!

find your soulmate
Burning Question astrology reading

 All of us happen to come to a point in life where we need to make an important decision. When we are facing a difficult choice, when we need some kind of help to move on.

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Natal chart readings benefits

Detailed Astrology readings will give you great POWER to cope with difficulties in life

What is a birth or natal chart?

Birth or natal chart is the basis for all other astrology readings. Personal, detailed, and specific birth chart is based on the exact date, time, and place of birth. This chart reveals the most important events in the person’s life – past, present, and future. It is your soul’s map in this life and it reflects the moment of your birth to show you your life path. There aren’t two birth charts with completely the same positions of houses, planets in them, and aspects between those planets. Each one is unique, just as each person on our planet is. Only approximately once in 26,000 years a person with exactly the same position of planets is born.

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